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Boston Punk

Boston Punks
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Welcome to the Boston Punk community. Post shows, Reviews, Upcoming albums, New Bands, Musicain Wanted Ads, Anything you want that has to do with our scene.

Just a heads up on some things.

-If you post something that has to do with the punk scene and not just the Boston scene, That's ok. As long as you're not starting and arguement.

-I don't care how drunk you and your buddies were last night.

-Please don't just post things like "Up The Punx" or "Punks Not Dead". You can have all the Punk Pride you want but, This is for imrpovement on the scene not pride.

-Intellegent conversation is encouraged. Debating is good. Polls are welcome. Do not insult or disrespect, if you do you will be banned. No warngings or any of that. You insult or disrespect someone you're done.

Well, that's about it. Enjoy and I hope we all work together to get this scene to what it used to be.
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