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[25 Aug 2008|11:10am]

Punk rock 70-90 http://community.livejournal.com/funhouse_x/profile

(Rock The Casbah)

[21 Aug 2008|05:42pm]

Anyone else going to the Teenage Bottlerocket show at O'Brien's tonight?

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[01 May 2008|08:28am]

Were any of you at the Phenomenauts show last night? Did they do an encore? It seemed like the Middle East was saying GTFO right after they got off-stage, so I followed the crowd and exited. Did I make a huge mistake?

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[18 Mar 2008|12:50pm]

Question to you all: Assuming anyone still visits record stores, what is your preferred store? For CDs or vinyl.

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Wondering if anyone saw me... [16 Oct 2007|02:43pm]

About 8 months back at a Darkbuster show...
Did anyone see a drunk chick go face first into the corner of one of the speekers?
And then had to get carried out, blood dripping down her face?

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[10 Oct 2007|12:08pm]

So me and my buddies were soooooo drunk last night, lol.

Heh.  Yea, I read the info page, I'm not here to brag about my high level of alcohol tolerance.

Thing is, come summer/fall, I may be looking for cheap/DIY housing in the Boston area, either for going to grad school (for speech therapy) or to get a job (yea, I know, what a tool, trying to make something of his life).  I'll squat if necessary, but I'm trying my hardest to stay on the clean side of the law (even bigger tool). 

Anyway, my info is as follows:
Male (willing to live in mixed or all male environment)
20, will be 21 in the summer
Trying to kick that smoking habit, probably not any time soon.  Willing to smoke outside.
Nice guy, enjoys long walks off short piers into shark-infested waters.
A lot to offer the punk/deathrock scenes in Boston (I won't list my favorite bands or any stupid shit like that, just take my word for it)

Also, if there are any bars/clubs with punk or related genre bent to them that will be looking for a new DJ, I'm trying to break into the business with the little bits of experience that I have.

(Rock The Casbah)

Boston Hardcore band looking for two guitarists [04 Sep 2007|07:57pm]

Boston hardcore is getting formed and were looking for two guitarists.

influences include: bane, have heart, modern life is war, terror, madball, blood for blood...

we're all from 18 to 21 and have been playing our instruments for 4 plus years.

hope to hear back soon.

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[23 May 2007|05:31pm]

Wake up, dead comm.

Sat May 26.
The Vomitorium.

Tue May 29.
The Elks.

Anything for June?

(Rock The Casbah)

Get a punk band on warped tour [15 Mar 2007|12:56am]

Just like every other band in the country right now...mine is looking for votes on our Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands page to get on warped tour.

If you're into fast skate punk type stuff like NOFX, Strung Out, Bigwig, Propagandhi, MxPx...etc then you can check out our shit at www.myspace.com/thedownandoutsri and if you like it then you can click the banner below to give us a vote.

If you choose to vote then don't forget to check your email for the confirmation message so you can confirm your vote.

Even if you didn't listen and you've got 3 spare minnutes...PLEASE just give us a vote. This would be huge for us. Thanks.

PS...I'm cross-posting this so if this isnt allowed in whatever community this is being read in then please delete it.

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Bassist needed [27 Oct 2006|05:37pm]

Any one in the boston area looking to join a band? If so message me back. My band needs a bass player. Lemme know and we'll talk more about it, thanks.

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[23 Aug 2006|05:40pm]
Tuesday Sept 5th 6PM at Club Lido in Revere, MA

Strike Anywhere


A Global Threat

All Ages Show

(Rock The Casbah)

[27 Jul 2006|09:12am]

these are is a Boston-based hardcore/punk band. we are in our early twenties and practice twice a week in our Allston practice space. we are looking for a second guitar player or keyboardist with commitment, experience, equipment, and a dedication to doing something different. Our influences include the Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Refused, etc. We have a contract with Hold True Records and a record coming out this fall. If you're interested in an audition, please contact us at info@theseare.net


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Rancid Show [16 Jun 2006|12:51pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Boston, MA
Tue, 08/22/06 more dates
On Sale Sat, 06/17/06

(Rock The Casbah)

[31 May 2006|03:04am]
My band is starting to get things moving along so I thought I'd post in here just to up some awareness and see what some of you might think.

We're called The Down And Outs and we're from Rhode Island. We've got a very skate punk/FatrWeckChords-type sound. We like to play fast.

You'll be into us if you like: NOFX, Bigwig, Lagwagon, Strung Out, etc, etc. We basically play fast punk.


Thanks to anyone who checks it out.

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Hey! [30 May 2006|09:56am]

[ mood | awake ]

Hey guys, I'm new in here!! I'm Christina! *waves*

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SKATEPARK SHOW [15 May 2006|08:04pm]

80 Bridge st. Nashua, NH 03060. Rain date is a week later keep that in mind and pay attention to the forecast.


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Bouncing souls in New York [12 May 2006|04:33pm]

does anybodynknow anyone trying to get rid of tickets for the bouncing souls in new york?

three tickets for each day

or a few of those six day passes

or even somewhere to get them?

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show! [26 Apr 2006|07:33pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Severe Impact
Civil Crisis
Hammer Bros.
Hands In
April 30th, 251 Club
Billerica, Mass.

(Rock The Casbah)

[17 Apr 2006|12:36pm]

{please repost and forward and send everywhere}

April 14th Update

Friday and Saturday || April 21-22, 2006

1) Keynote Speakers

2) Saturday Schedule

3) Tables

4) Workshops

5) Friday Kickoff Event

6) Childcare

7) Translation

8) Contact/Email List


Our two keynote speakers this year will be:

Mary Christmas: Radical feminist, activist, former Radical Cheerleader and contributor to $pread Magazine

Frank Fernandez: Author of Cuban Anarchism: The History of a Movement. He is a member of the Movimiento Libertario Cubano en Exilio, and the former editor of its periodical, Guángara Libertaria.


Schedule for Saturday

9:00 -- Booktable set up
10:00 -- Fair opens to the public
11-12 -- Opening Keynote Speaker: Mary Christmas
12-1:30 -- Workshop / Film / Panel -- Block #1
1:30-2:30 -- Lunch
2:30-4:00 -- Workshop / Film / Panel -- Block #2
4:00-5:30 -- Workshop / Film / Panel -- Block #3
6:00-7:00 -- Closing Keynote Speaker: Frank Fernandez

At the
Massachusetts College of Art
Pozen Center
621 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA



Confirmed tables for the boofair:

AK Press
Lucy Parsons Center
South End Press
Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC)
Boston Anarchist Black Cross
Black Sheep Books
Bluestockings Bookstore
Papercut Zine Library
Wooden Shoe Bookstore
Institute for Anarchist Studies
Boston Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
Feed Your Head Books
Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan
Black Rain Press
Left Turn Magazine
Black Rain Press
La Rivolta
Fanorama Society Publisher & Prisoner Zine Distro
Paper Street books
Z mag & video
Planting Seeds Press Collective
Radical Reference
Maine IndyMedia and the Maine Commons
Back by Popular Demand
Radio Free Maine
Anarchist Archive Project
MayDay Books
Sam Tracey
Oh Snap Books
Dollars & Sense
Earth First Journal
In Our Hearts
Student Undergroud
Heart & Fist Distro
The Scarlet Letter Project
Raven Books
Jericho Boston
Anarcho-Syndicalist Review


Scheduled workshops:


Anarchists with diverse experiences in their workplaces and unions will come together to discuss how, as revolutionaries, we can take part in these day-to-day class struggles while making popular anarchist practices in the workplace. Topics will include a look at anarcho-syndicalism in theory and practice, the pros and cons of anarchists working in "mainstream" unions, minority unionism and the IWW, organizing precarious workers outside of traditional union structures, and more...

Participants include:

Mitch Miller, a longtime anarchist and founding member of the anarcho-syndicalist Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA)

Benoit, a member of the Montreal Workers Solidarity Network and Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC)

A member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) tba

**Intersections of Struggle: Feminism and Class War Anarchism **

by E. Moraletat

What is the relation between feminism and class war anarchism? How do anarchists analyze women's oppression and where do they position themselves in regard to the different materialist feminist currents? This workshop will offer to look at the different theories and will suggest elements of reflection about challenging, both in theory and in practice, the material basis of women's oppression and class exploitation.

E. Moraletat is a member of the Northeastern Federation of Anarchist-Communists (NEFAC), and currently involved in a province-wide effort to organize daycare workers in Quebec.


**Worker-Owned and Democratic Workplaces in Boston**

Boston has numerous worker-owned and/or democratic workplaces. Some of these are even organized into a loose-knit network. We have invited four of these to participate in a panel to discuss their projects, how they are organized, and how they make decisions. The focus will be on the level of participatory democracy, or direct democracy, evident in these projects, as well as on the larger political implications of this form of work cooperation for building a free society. A brief bibliography and resource list will be provided on workers' control, workers' coops, self-managed workplaces, the worker-ownership movement, the role of workers' councils in historical revolutions, and related topics.

**Anarchist Revolutionary Strategy**

After a brief discussion of the failure of the two statist strategies -- leninism and social democracy -- which have been predominant in revolutionary movements for the past century and a half, a rapid survey will be undertaken of contemporary currents in the anarchist movement in the United States, to tease out the strategy implications of each tendency. Currents to be considered are anarcho-syndicalism, libertarian municipalism, situationism, surrealism, primitivism / green anarchism, crimethinc, wobblies, radical democracy, autonomous marxism, cooperative commonwealth, ontological anarchism, so-called post-left anarchism, the global liberation movement, plus several others. Some of the contemporary debates will also be touched on (briefly however), like those about organization, dual power, nonviolence, summit hopping, black bloc, and so forth. The objective will be to try to flesh out a winning anarchist revolutionary strategy for our times. An outline of the currents, with comments, and bibliographical references, will be distributed.

** Sustaining Revolutionary Politics in Nonrevolutionary Times**

Presented by Cindy Milstein and Ace McArleton

Cindy and Ace have been involved in a variety of radical political and educational projects, and are currently both members of the Free Society Collective and Black Sheep Books collective in central Vermont. In addition, Cindy is co-organizer of the annual Renewing the Anarchist Tradition conference, a board member of the Institute for Anarchist Studies, and her essays appear in several recent anthologies, including "Globalize Liberation," "Confronting Capitalism," and "Only a Beginning." Ace is a 28-year-old transgender butch who works with queer and trans youth through Outright VT, gives talks and workshops on gender and politics, and is a member of the Queer Liberation Army.

**Anarchists and International Solidarity in Palestine and Israel**

At the forefront of international social justice movements, anarchists contribute to the undermining of the hegemony, unchecked power, and aggression of modern imperializing states. A large percentage of international human rights activists working in the occupied Palestinian territories today are anarchists. Why have anarchists taken a deep interest in this particular conflict? How has participation in locally organized popular movements in Palestine and Israel helped to temper, restrain and monitor Israel’s aggressive techniques of rule? Using personal experiences drawn from 3 six-week trips to the Palestinian territories, this talk will attempt to provide insights into questions such as these.

John Petrovato is a bookseller in Boston, MA. He is co-organizer of the Renewing the Anarchist Tradition conference and board member of the Institute for Anarchist Studies. He has written extensively on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and his writings can be found on ZNet, The Palestine Chronicle, International Middle East Media Center, EXTRA, Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, and in other publications.

(film screening, director will be present)

David Rothauser of Brookline, Massachusetts has produced a docudrama about the Sacco-Vanzetti case, titled The Diary of Sacco and Vanzetti, that was broadcast on WGBH-TV, on Jan. 27, 2004 and again on April 17, 2005. Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were two Italian immigrants to America who were executed in 1927 after they were convicted of killing two people during a robbery at a shoe factory in South Braintree, Massachusetts. Their controversial trial became a political firestorm fueled by the anti-immigration hysteria that gripped post-World War I America. In this unique docu-drama, shot on location around Boston where the actual events of the case took place, Rothauser portrays Vanzetti and uses Vanzetti's own letters, speeches and documents to revisit one of the nation's most notorious criminal cases.

Other Workshops Scheduled for Saturday (summaries coming soon):

Ashanti Alston
Anti-Gentrification Community Organizing
Radical Responses to Katrina
Anti-War/ Anti-Recruitment Strategy
Radical Words: Publishing and Activism
Noel Ignatiev
No One is Illegal
Environmental Racism & the BU Bio Lab
Resisting Domestic Repression


Kickoff Night
Friday || April 21, 2006 || 7pm-11pm


Mitch Verter will present “The Life and Legacy of Ricardo Flores Magon: From the Mexican Revolution to Present”

Bob D’Attilio will present “Black Flags and Black Roses: Fragments of New England Anarchist History, 1960s-80s”

Screening of the new documentary “Living Room: Space and Place in Infoshop Culture”

Ethan Miller and Evan Greer Riot Folk Acoustic Act

In Copley Square at the
Community Church of Boston
565 Boylston St.
Boston, MA



Childcare will be available during the Bookfair. If you would like to use this service please drop an email just we know how many volunteers we’ll need.




Be a volunteer translator. If you are planning on going to the Bookfair and speak more than one language please let us know. We are trying to arrange a pool of volunteer translators so people needing translation can get hooked up with people. Please send an email with your contact info and the languages you speak. Or if you want translation please let us know into what language and we will try to set something up.




Announcement List:


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[04 Apr 2006|12:06am]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Did anyone catch the Blanks 77 show in Duxberry last week?

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